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Are you looking for a house cleaning, a free cleaning for disabled veterans, or a veteran in need of some part-time work in Brentwood or Franklin TN?

Christy Smith founded Susie Maids in Brentwood over two decades ago and

in that time she’s earned the trust of homeowners over and over and over


“Susie Maids is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty They

gave my home a hotel experience so to speak,” says Cindy Raines. “They

folded my toilet paper and hand towels. That was kind of neat. I’ve never

had a maid do that before in my home.”

“I also love a company that gives back to their community the way Susie

Maids does.”

Christy Smith and Susie Maids proudly support veterans across Williamson

County offering employment opportunities and training for veterans plus

free home cleaning for disabled veterans.

The discipline veterans learn in the service allows Christy to put her trust in

them for those who put their trust in her. Susie Maids offers veterans an

opportunity with flexible hours and the freedom to pursue their passions or

get back to the preschool in time to be at the front of the pick-up line.

If you need a home cleaning, a disabled veteran that could use a helping hand, or a veteran that might need some work part-time please reach out to Christy Smith and

Suse Maids at 615-532-6243.

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